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Glossy Banners

Glossy Banners

Vinyl banners are easy to store and carry by folding or rolling them up. Glossy banners have a slick, shiny finish.

Product Specifications

Sizes: 12X24, 12X36, 12X48, 12x60, 24X24, 24X36, 24X48, 24X60, 36X36, 36X48, 48X48, 48X60, 60X60, 72X12, 72X48, 72X60, 84X12, 84X24, 84X36, 84X48, 84X60, 96X12, 96X24, 96X48, 96X51, 96X60, 72X36, 60X36, 90X36, 96X48, 72X24 
Colour: Full colour on 1 side (front only) 4/0
 13 oz Glossy banner
Quantities: Ranges from 1 to 10

Coating Options: No coating   
Turnaround: 4-5 business days for production. Shipping time depends on shipping method and location.

Grommets: Grommets are corner holes surrounded by metal rings that are used to hang signs on walls or posts with cord. They are positioned either on all corners or top coners.

Hemming: Is a process where the sides are heated and glued together with a hot iron. This process improves the rigidity of the sides to avoid possible tears.

12 X 241C$ 15.95
2C$ 26.95
3C$ 30.95
4C$ 44.95
5C$ 47.95
6C$ 49.95
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